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To begin with the beginning

To begin with the beginning, let me tell you how I ended up being such a food enthusiast. Was it cos of my childhood experiments in the kitchen for instance, to turn my mom’s home cooked roti-sabji into something spicier by making it into a wrap and shallow frying it or making a quick salad of simple diced tomatoes, cucumber and onion to replace an unwanted vegetable with just a dressing of salt and pepper that did it? Or my elder sisters very very Indian versions of pasta that ignited my palette? Whatever the case, even as a kid I was always interested in what I can eat next (I have had loads of beating from Mom as I used to finish all the snacks  😀 meant for guests)

It could have also increased during the 3-4 years in my college days that I had friends so enthusiastic about trying out new stuff that we actually ended up spending all our pocket money on food. One thing is for sure, what started as a quaint interest in the food arena became a roaring passion once I came to pune. I was introduced to a whole new world you may say 🙂 and thus starts the beginning of my food passion.

Even then, I wasn’t so keen on actually cooking food. Eating food that somebody else made was more of a passion :D. It was just after I got married that I had to cook and really started paying attention to what I put on my plate and in my mouth.

This blog is just an extension of that passion.

Cheers !


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