About The Food Express

I live in Pune, a cultural and educational hub. With this, Pune is also grabbing its place on the world food map with its expanding range in cuisines. What do we not have here? From traditional Maharastrian food like pithala-bhakri, wada-paav, misal-pav, to Mediterranean, Lebanese, Greek and European cuisines; from street food to five-start, seven-star hotels, from Bhimthadi yatra to wine festivals…we have it all. This blog will be an avenue for sharing y excursions to my already favorite places and discover new cuisines, recipes, eateries to share with you 🙂

This is also the place where I would share my experiments with food and drinks alike :). Oh! forgot to mention, my native place, Nashik (earlier a Grape City, now known as the Wine capital of Western Maharashtra) has turned me into an oenophile and a liqueur enthusiast :). So be prepared to read about my dates with drinks as well 🙂

This blog has started as an inspiration from my husband who keeps on praising my experiments in the kitchen and yet never complains :). He is also the one who bears with all my enthusiasm about food and supports it wholeheartedly:). Thank You my love, here’s a blog dedicated to you 🙂

About Me

I am a self-confessed, obsessed foodie and I consider myself lucky to have a palette that is never afraid to try new things :). I love to write and read a lot. I watch almost all food shows on TV. (Oh did I mention, watching television in my THE most favorite pass time after reading :))

I am a Technical Writer by profession and also blog about my profession at my Technical Writing blog.


Shweta Hardikar



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