A 6PM snack made in five minutes…over in 10 mins


Quickie Salad

Okay, so it is 6 PM by the time I reach home from office, so I am resembling the angry bird (except that I am a ‘hungry’ bird)!

I picked up maggi from the store and I intended to cook that too…but the devil in me kept yelling at  me – ” it’s not healthy, it’s not healthy!”. So I raided my fridge and found cucumbers and tomato and cheese. (FYI, my fridge always has tomatoes and cheese :)), so I made myself a salad 🙂

Here is the recipe, if it takes you more than five minutes to make, I’ll change my name (okay, I am just kidding, no serious business folks)

1.  Cut the tomatoes and cucumbers in dices. You may add any veggies you like to eat raw.
2.  Make a dressing out of olive oil, salt, pepper and lime juice.
3.  Add 3 drops of mustard sauce (I cannot resist the mustardy taste in the silken dressing)
4.  Last, add finely chopped coriander and mint to the dressing.
5.  Pour on the veggies and relish your heart out on this simple, and tasty snack.

You may also add cheese cubes like I did (only 5 small pieces, I promise!) to complete it 🙂

Oh and here is a picture of my work-from-home desk.

My work-from-home desk

My work-from-home desk




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3 responses to “A 6PM snack made in five minutes…over in 10 mins

  1. i love to add some black olives and white wine sauce instead of lemon juice 🙂

  2. pradnya

    areee,how many blogs you have dear..i was on goodreads checking someone’s profile where she mentioned she follows your blog.this world is very small indeed or you are very active and so famous on the internet..btw..i loved this food blog..mala pan italian khup aavdta..so can definitely try these recipes.maharashtrian recipes pan post karat raha..u know what..i always keep complaining that the hectic work schedule leaves me with no energy to cook even simple food at home..i am amazed to see how people balance work and family life so smoothly..good to see your enthusiasm..and now even i am inspired to try something at home..i would definitely start with this snack that u made at 6pm..:)tc and keep posting

  3. Hey Pradnya,

    Yes, I do write about a lot of things :). I am glad to know you like what I write and cook 🙂

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