A Date with Cocktails – Cointreaupolitan


I and my husband both are liqueur enthusiasts. We keep on getting new stuff or either trying out drinks that can be made from stuff at home.

This weekend was a time for cocktails 🙂 We tried a version of cosmopolitan with cointreau and hence it was – Cointreaupolitan!

For the Cointreaupolitan, you need:

Cranberry Juice         30 ml

Cranberry Breezer    60 ml

Lemon juice                a teaspoon

Ginger juice                a teaspoon

Cointreau                    60 ml

To attempt bliss, you must:

  1. In a mixing glass, pour cranberry juice, cranberry breezer, lemon adn ginger juices and shake well.
  2. Add cointreau, shake again and pour in a martini glass
  3. Place an orange slide or lemon slice to decorate 🙂 Your cointreaupolitan is ready!

Pictures coming next…



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2 responses to “A Date with Cocktails – Cointreaupolitan

  1. hemantkhandkar

    will love this 🙂

  2. Radhika

    sounds great!! will try now!!

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